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oil tank gauge

One of the most beneficial programs we offer at Weaver Energy is Worry-Free Automatic Delivery.  Our residential and commercial home heating oil customers are encouraged to enroll for several reasons.  The program takes the responsibility of monitoring oil tank levels and placing orders for home heating oil deliveries out of the hands of the customer, in exchange for peace of mind that they will never run out of oil.  This program is ideal for customers who travel often, or experience frustrations with a tank gauge that is difficult to read at times.  If for any reason a Worry-Free Automatic customer runs out of oil due to our error, we dispatch an emergency oil delivery to the customer, and offer a burner restart free of charge.  It also ensures the customer that they will automatically get the best price per gallon available the date of delivery.  Lastly, it is a great benefit to us to be able to anticipate when tanks will need deliveries well in advance so that we can plan our routes as efficiently as possible and fill Automatic Delivery tanks prior to any winter storms which may make travel difficult.

determining when deliveries occur

Worry-Free Automatic Delivery is determined with the help of industry-specific software that combines the data of a customer’s past usage patterns with the forecasted temperatures.  This allows us to check on the estimated oil tank levels at any time and alerts us when an Automatic Delivery customer’s tank is nearing 25% capacity.  It is at that time that our system automatically generates an order for delivery to refill the tank long before the customer is in danger of running out of oil.  The program also self-corrects by comparing how many gallons of oil fit into a customer’s tank to how many gallons it anticipated delivering in order to make more accurate predictions over time. 

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For more information about the Worry-Free Automatic Delivery program, please visit or call the Weaver Energy office at (717) 626-7169 during normal business hours to enroll.

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