wholesale fuels

Residents of Lititz, PA know that Weaver Energy is the go-to supplier for competitively priced fuels. Weaver Energy has been supplying fuel products to businesses in Southeast and South Central Pennsylvania since 1995. Our large supplier network helps us provide the lowest prices and guaranteed product availability to residents of Lititz, PA.

Some of the benefits of Weaver Energy include:

  • Competitive daily pricing
  • Same day delivery
  • Market analysis and strategic purchasing
  • Price hedging programs
  • Professional and courteous drivers and staff
  • Remote inventory management

Also available are options for Fleet Fueling if you prefer to have Weaver Energy deliver fuel to your fleet on site, our Lititz Fueling Station if you prefer to pump your own diesel fuel, and our Commercial Fuels, if you have site fueling needs for long term or temporary work sites.

We are proud to offer the following:

  • Off Road Diesel Fuel: Off road diesel fuel is a great option for those who need a fuel that is durable and reliable. Off road diesel fuel is perfect for use in construction, agricultural, and mining applications, where performance and dependability are essential.
  • On Road Diesel Fuel: On road diesel fuel is a type of diesel fuel that is designed for use in vehicles that travel on public roads. It is available at most gas stations, and it can be used in cars, trucks, boats, and other types of vehicles. On road diesel fuel is available with biodiesel blends from 2% to 20%.
  • Clear Kerosene: Clear kerosene is a type of fuel that is used in lamps and heaters. It is made by distilling crude oil, and it is available in most parts of the world. Clear kerosene has a very low sulfur content, and it burns cleanly.
  • Dyed Kerosene: Dyed kerosene has a higher sulfur content than clear kerosene, and it burns with a yellow flame.
  • Bioheat
  • 87/89/93 E10 Gasoline
  • 87/89/93 Reformulated Gasoline
  • 87/90 Ethanol Free Gasoline

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