heating & air conditioning installation

Weaver Energy can upgrade all types of air conditioning and heating HVAC equipment, including, but not limited to, AirTen, Bradford White, Broan, Buderus, Honeywell and Rheem brands. With the cost of energy today, complete system replacements can be repaid in an extremely short period of time. Each installation is analyzed using industry leading software to determine the correct system size and energy source in order to maximize your comfort and efficiency. Weaver Energy also specializes in new home construction and can work directly with your general contractor to design the right heating and air conditioning system for your new home.

To request a free estimate on the installation of Heating & Air Conditioning equipment within Lancaster County, visit the Customer Support Center and submit your information.

Also available for purchase to prolong the life and increase the efficiency of newly-installed or pre-existing HVAC equipment within Lancaster County are our Annual Tune-Ups and Service Agreements. Read more about our Heating & Air Conditioning Service options!

Weaver Energy is also a provider of residential heating oil & fuels: We proudly carry Bioheat brand home heating oil. Bioheat burns cleaner and more efficiently than traditional heating oil. We also go the extra mile to help prolong the life of your heating system by treating our Bioheat with an additional fuel additive to create the cleanest burning heating fuel possible. No other home heating oil can provide you with higher quality or lower emissions than Bioheat provided by Weaver Energy. Best of all, Bioheat is made with Biodiesel fuel that is produced right in the state of Pennsylvania. For more information on Bioheat, please visit mybioheat.com.

Weaver Energy offers a variety of additive products that help to make your fuels as efficient as possible, while maintaining maximum quality. Whether you have a problematic tank with a history of bacteria or moisture, or you have an outdoor tank that is susceptible to lower winter temperatures, we can help you choose the additive that best meets your needs and keeps your fuel in optimal condition, year round.

Please visit our Residential Heating Oil & Fuels page to learn more about our home heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, and gasoline delivery options!