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Weaver Energy, Inc. has been serving the communities of Lancaster County and beyond since 1995. We strive to meet and exceed customer needs with industry best pricing, reliable products, and timely, thorough service.

As a family-owned business, we prioritize building long-term relationships with our customers, allowing us to negotiate favorable pricing and pass on the savings to our clients, giving us an edge over our competitors. Contact Weaver Energy today to benefit from our superior prices and excellent customer service.


Our safe and friendly drivers deliver home heating oil, diesel fuel and gasoline to residential, commercial, fleet, and wholesale customers throughout Lancaster County and beyond. We encourage you to create an account online or over the phone, and learn more about how we can best serve you with our variety of fuels, additives and delivery options!

We are proud to offer HVAC service to our heating oil customers within Lancaster County.

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Frequently Asked Questions

residential heating oil & fuels

Weaver Energy is a leading provider of home heating oil in Lancaster County, and select areas of Lebanon and Chester Counties. We offer a variety of heating oil products, including Bioheat, which is a cleaner-burning alternative to traditional heating oil. We also offer ethanol-free gasoline for smaller and older engines. Our home heating oil prices are competitive, and we offer a variety of payment options to make it easy for you to get the fuel you need. Contact us today to learn more about our heating oil products and prices!

cleaner residential heating oil delivered

Weaver Energy is proud to offer Bioheat, a cleaner-burning alternative to traditional heating oil. Bioheat is made with biodiesel, which is a renewable resource produced right here in Pennsylvania. Bioheat burns cleaner and more efficiently than traditional home heating oil, and it can help prolong the life of your heating system.

Here are some of the benefits of using Bioheat:

  • Burns cleaner and more efficiently than traditional heating oil
  • Can help prolong the life of your heating system
  • Made with biodiesel, a renewable resource produced right here in Pennsylvania
  • Available in a variety of blends to meet your needs

For more information on Bioheat, please visit mybioheat.com.

increase efficiency with our fuel additives

Weaver Energy offers a variety of additive products that help to make your home heating oils as efficient as possible, while maintaining maximum quality. Whether you have a problematic tank with a history of bacteria or moisture, or you have an outdoor tank that is susceptible to lower winter temperatures, we can help you choose the additive that best meets your needs and keeps your fuel in optimal condition, year round.

industry-best pricing

We strive to offer industry-best pricing on all of our home heating fuels. We monitor the markets constantly and pass all savings on directly to our customers by adjusting our prices daily. For current pricing or to find out if we deliver to your zip code, please contact us during business hours at (717) 626-7169.

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commercial, wholesale, & fleet fueling

The expert staff at Weaver Energy can provide your business with all its fuel needs, including heating oil, kerosene, on road diesel fuel and off road diesel fuel and gasoline. Weaver Energy can provide the support you need for long term or temporary work sites. Regularly scheduled or will call fuel delivery is available, based on your needs. We can even supply fuel tanks to your job location free of charge, based on availability.

fueling Pennsylvania businesses

From trucking companies, to gas stations, to large farms, Weaver Energy regularly supplies fuel products to businesses throughout Pennsylvania. We have developed a large supplier network, helping to provide the lowest available pricing and guaranteed product availability. You can depend on Weaver Energy for competitive daily pricing, same day delivery, market analysis and strategic purchasing, price hedging programs, professional and courteous drivers and staff, and remote inventory management. Weaver Energy can provide you with on-site fleet fueling to fill your trucks when they’re idle. Save time and money by reducing time at truck stops and not being forced to pay whatever price is at the pump. Fleet Fueling can help you reduce compliance issues associated with having on-site fuel tanks, maintain high diesel fuel quality standards, decrease time spent tracking vehicle fuel usage and mpg, and reduce fuel costs through pricing programs.
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