do I need a humidifier or dehumidifier?

a technician checks on a whole house humidifier

recommended humidity level

The recommended humidity level within a home is 30-50%.  Within this range, humidity is high enough for personal comfort and health, as well as your house’s condition, while also being low enough to prevent moisture build-up that leads to condensation and even mold or mildew issues. 

dry air issues

In the winter months, home heating systems without humidifiers can strip the interior air of its natural moisture, which can lead to uncomfortable physical issues like asthma and allergy symptoms, irritated throats, cracked lips, itchy skin and even bloody noses.  Dry air can also lead to issues with elements of your house, such as peeling of wallpaper or laminates and splitting or warping of wooden fixtures.  If you experience these issues regularly, you may want to consider a “whole house” or “central” humidifier, which can be integrated into most existing home comfort system. 

high humidity issues

While dry air can cause several issues, overly moist air can be just as uncomfortable and costly.  High humidity can cause condensation on glass, mold on ceilings or walls, a musty odor, water stain marks, and even rotting of wooden casings.  Both desiccant and mechanical dehumidifiers can be beneficial in preventing humidity damage and discomfort.  A desiccant dehumidifier contains a desiccative, drying substance exposed to the air, which absorbs the moisture.  These types are inexpensive, can be purchased from most home store and are able to control light humidity problems.  A mechanical dehumidifier works much like an air conditioner, containing hot and cold coils that collects the moisture in a reservoir and warms the air back to its original temperature before releasing it back into the atmosphere in a drier state.  These models work best for medium to high humidity levels and give you control of your desired humidity comfort level.

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