equipment upgrades and utility rebates

a technician discusses upgrade options with a customer

routine maintenance

As a homeowner, thinking of ways to keep your household running efficiently is always a good idea. This includes routine maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems. With the right maintenance schedule, your HVAC system can last 10 – 15+ years!

repair vs. upgrade

Unfortunately, there does comes a time when your HVAC systems need to be considered for replacement. Even with the right maintenance schedule and upkeep, HVAC units only last so long. Eventually, an upgrade makes more sense than extensive repairs.

the benefit of efficiency

Though investing in a new HVAC system can be expensive, upgrading can have a number of benefits. When your equipment gets older, it may begin to break down, work less efficiently, or even need to be repaired more often. While looking to keep it running one more season, it could actually cost you more in the long term. 

explore your options

Our team of service technicians makes every effort to help you understand your equipment and any issues they are seeing, while also helping you make an informed decision on repair options. Sometimes replacement is your best option. We prefer to help you plan for the future in making those financial decisions rather than on short notice (emergency calls) when you find yourself in a time of need when it’s extremely hot or cold outside. We are happy to have someone from our team meet with you to discuss your future plans, evaluate your existing equipment (with review of your past service history) and give you various options for equipment upgrades from the trusted brands we work with.

current rebates

During this current Covid-19 season, we have seen some of our equipment manufacturer partners offering instant equipment rebates as well as many of the local utility providers are currently offering rebate programs on new equipment installations.

contact us

If you think it may be time to consider an upgrade, contact our team at Weaver Energy. Let us help you explore your options and help to keep you cool this summer and warm this winter.  To schedule your free, in-home estimate, call us at 717-626-7169

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