lessons from the three stooges

three stooges sign

At the top of the stairs from the employee office entrance at Weaver Energy hangs a print of the Three Stooges.  While we take our work seriously every day, this reminder of the lighter side of life makes us smile, and has inspired the following blog post:

1) Impulsive moves can often lead to tragedy.

The stooges generate laughs because they act impulsively, and the crazy mistakes they make often end in pitiful hilarity, if not tragedy. Though funny on the screen, in real life we can assume that no one would actually be laughing.

Our drivers have more than 200 combined years of experience and drive defensively with well-maintained equipment.  Road rage, stress, poor training and distractions can lead to driving disasters. We have a team of professional drivers who know how to assess the potential hazards and avoid mistakes or accidents whenever possible.

2) Be careful whose advice you take…it is not all equally useful.

The stooges – especially Curly – are gullible to absurd suggestions or advice, and often work against good common sense.

Do your homework and be informed about your heating, cooling and fuel needs.  At Weaver Energy, we offer fair fuel pricing, budget programs to help with planning, automatic deliveries, service agreements to protect HVAC equipment, and a website that contains up-to-date information so you can be an informed customer.  We have a team of trained customer service associates who happily offer live phone assistance Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-4:00PM, and an after-hours emergency option for our customers. 

3) Mishaps have consequences.

The stooges would not have survived but a few episodes IF the real consequences of their silly behaviors and choices were based in reality.

Tank inspections, good communication avenues, and detailed data for service technicians and drivers work in our favor to prevent mistakes.  We pride ourselves on a consistent record of safety and continue to work diligently for the sake of our customers, our employees, and others.

4) Humor is good medicine!

The stooges have provided comic relief for many years, and during this stressful season in America, there is value in finding lighter moments in your day.  An old Proverb says, “A cheerful heart is good like medicine.”

We at Weaver Energy are pleased to serve our customer base with quality products and service, and we enjoy the friendships and partnerships that have grown from these traditions. Please contact our office to inquire about any of the fuel or HVAC services that we offer: (717) 626-7169.

Let’s continue to find healthy humor and seek goodwill in each day!

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