the benefits of remote tank monitors

cell phone and computer screen, displaying tank monitoring software

an option for commercial fuel tanks

While estimating heating oil usage for a residential tank has been virtually perfected with the use of K-Factors (the calculation of how many degree days it takes for a specific customer to burn one gallon of fuel), the usage of commercial fuels can be extremely complicated.   Heating oil usage corresponds to  outdoor temperatures , while commercial fuel usage can occur  at erratic and unpredictable rates, sometimes slowing due to rain or seasonality in the customer’s industry, and sometimes increasing due to unexpected outages, storms, or other factors. 

the challenges of dispatching deliveries

Routing deliveries for the week involves many dynamics, as our dispatchers work hard to anticipate the incoming orders and create efficient routes based on geographic areas and traffic, while ensuring that our drivers are scheduled for compliant shifts and running on highly-maintained equipment.  The advanced awareness of upcoming delivery needs is crucial to our operations, helping us to plan for deliveries instead of being surprised with a high volume of last-minute will-call fuel orders or orders for deliveries to locations that are far from each day’s planned routes.

how tank monitors work for efficiency and savings

The use of remote tank monitors is extremely beneficial to both the customer and Weaver Energy for many reasons.  A remote tank monitor can be installed by Weaver Energy on qualifying commercial customer fuel tanks in just minutes, at no cost to the customer.  The remote tank monitor uses either WiFi or 4G LTE (cellular) technology to communicate the fuel tank level to our system, once every 24 hours.  Our dispatchers are constantly able to view the status of all of the remote tank monitors for our commercial customers, which then allows them to dispatch deliveries to customers in a timely and efficient manner, bypassing the need for the customer to contact us to place orders.  The customer is able to pay a lower price for a higher and accurate volume of fuel, and Weaver Energy is able to save on operating costs by running fewer small deliveries to multiple locations as we have the flexibility to plan ahead.

contact us for more information

If you are a commercial fuel customer, and are interested in the possibility of using a remote tank monitor from Weaver Energy, please contact Kris Lee, on weekdays from 7:30am until 4pm by calling (717) 626-7169.  For more information about all of our services, please visit

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