the importance of tank inspections

safety is our priority

Weaver Energy has always been committed to safety, and that includes fuel delivery and storage.  With that priority in mind, we perform inspections on all indoor and above ground tanks before our first delivery.  We will also reinspect a tank if a year or more has passed since our last delivery to that location.  This policy was initiated to ensure that the containment of fuels is never compromised by faulty equipment or installation. 

an older heating oil tank, showing discoloration from leaks or moisture

signs of a potential problem

The average lifespan of a residential heating oil tank is approximately 20 years, although certain factors, such as moisture, can significantly shorten that time.  Most tank leaks begin with a rust spot, or wet/soft spot on the tank, which will eventually become a leak.  It is important that if you discover one of these on a tank, that you do not apply pressure to the surface, as that can cause then entire area to burst open, spilling the contents and causing damage at a fast pace.  Instead, contact your trusted HVAC service provider at the first sign of any tank issues so that the equipment can be repaired or replaced before any costly damage is done.  Weaver Energy replaces and installs multiple heating oil tanks each year and would be happy to provide you with information on size availability and costs. 

the high cost of oil leaks

While very small oil spills can possibly be cleaned up by using store-bought absorbent materials (such as kitty litter) and soap, a leak that isn’t immediately stopped can empty the entire contents of your tank onto your basement floor.  For most people, this could be 250 gallons or more, when full.   According to environmental cleaning sources, the cost of cleaning up a basement and foundation from a residential heating oil tank leak can range from $4,500 – $15,000. 

our free 5-minute inspection

The inspection that Weaver Energy performs is a free service required for customers who have indoor and above-ground tanks.  When scheduling an inspection, we simply ask that the Weaver Energy driver or technician has access to the tank for no more than five minutes to thoroughly evaluate the condition of the equipment.  Depending on your location and availability, these inspections can be done in advance, or at the time of the first delivery.  The inspection will assess the durability of the tank and make sure the gauge, pipes and valves function properly and are constructed of metal materials equipped to handle the fuel.  The tank must also be 5 feet from a flame source, have a solid, non-combustible container base, and be vented outside.

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