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Honeywell T Series thermostat

programming your thermostat

In today’s energy market there are many thermostat options available and choosing the right one for your home can be a tedious task. Whether you are looking to update your old manual dial thermostat or simply looking for some additional understanding of the functionality of your current thermostat let our team at Weaver Energy help you with these decisions.

Thermostats today offer many programming features that can help your home be more energy efficient. Daily/Weekly schedules can be set to give you better comfort at specific times of need:

  • Wake – Set for wake-up time in the morning
  • Away – Drops temps back during the day while at work
  • Home – Bring temps back up when arriving home from work
  • Sleep – Drops temps back down during the night

upgrade rebates

These few simple examples are all part of energy saving techniques with your home comfort system. Energy suppliers often run thermostat upgrade rebates throughout the year. We encourage you to research these available rebate options.

smart thermostats

Smart thermostat options can also help to establish schedules that will adjust automatically to energy saving temperatures and as they learn your habits. Some programs allow you to control your home comfort from your smart phone or geofencing options.

Does your home have a dual fuel set-up, such as a heat pump paired with a furnace? If you do, and currently have multiple thermostats in the house, options are available for you to run both systems from one thermostat and have them switch over automatically dependent upon the outdoor temperatures.

benefits for property owners

Rental homes are great places to have up to date thermostats installed, giving you options for high and low temperature setting limits. This arrangement is ideal for property owners who pay all utility and energy costs.

product manuals

As a Honeywell partner, we are happy to provide you with digital product manuals for your Honeywell thermostat. If you provide our team with your thermostat model number which can be found on the back side of the unit, we can email you a pdf or a direct link to the appropriate manual. By understanding what thermostat you currently use, we can help you to make an informed decision on an upgrade that suits your needs. Choosing to have a HVAC professional install your new thermostat gives you the advantage of warranty periods that are extended by up to 2 years.

Take full advantage of our team when they are at your home performing a tune-up, working to repair your system or installing a new comfort system.  Allow our technicians answer your questions, help you to set an appropriate schedule or just verify the proper operation of your thermostat. We are always happy to serve and teach you about your equipment.

contact us

For a full scope of available thermostat options, reach out to our service team by calling our office at (717) 626-7169. 

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