what happens during an air conditioner tune-up?

Weaver Energy HVAC Technician, Brad, performs a tune-up on a central air system

the timing of a system tune-up

As the spring weather continues to warm up, the office at Weaver Energy begins to get calls from customers to schedule their annual tune-ups for air conditioning systems.  Taking the proactive approach of keeping your air conditioning system in optimal condition is a great practice that prolongs the life and efficiency of your unit and can prevent potentially costly repairs in the future.  Early spring is a great time to have this service completed, as it serves as the perfect opportunity to identify and correct any negative impacts the winter weather had on the unit.  However, there is absolutely no harm in scheduling tune-ups to occur throughout summer or early fall. 

a consistent, methodical approach

All Weaver Energy technicians are trained to provide a uniform and thorough system tune-up, based on our standard operating procedure.  Therefore, regardless of which technician arrives to service your unit, you can be confident that they are using a consistent, methodical approach.  Unless otherwise noted on your service statement, Weaver Energy technicians will always:

  • check and replace the air filter if necessary
  • check the operation of the condensate pump, and clean it if necessary
  • check the operation of the condensate drain, checking the operation of a float switch for attic air handlers
  • check ductwork for loose seams and missing duct tape, repairing it as necessary
  • clean, and check the blower assembly for any obstructions
  • clean the evaporator coil
  • check that the thermostat is functioning properly, replacing batteries if necessary
  • check the contactor in any outdoor units
  • check the compressor voltage and amperage
  • check the capacitors
  • check the condenser fan amperage
  • check the condition of the condenser fan blade
  • clean the outdoor unit to be sure there is no debris on the inside of the coil
  • check the refrigerant charge
  • inspect the system for potential future repairs and consult the homeowner on preventative measures, if possible


Additional steps are also taken to further inspect the refrigerant and other components of the system, which are completed by the technician using specialized tools and software.  Any unusual findings are noted directly on the service statement by the technician before the cleaning is completed.  A typical air conditioner system tune-up usually takes between one and two hours from start to finish.

air filters

One of the most commonly noted findings during annual tune-ups is a clogged or extremely dirty air filter.  Most air conditioning manufacturers recommend that filters be changed every 1-3 months in order for the unit to function at its highest possible efficiency.  Households with pets or with residents affected by allergies or other air contaminants should consider changing their filters even more frequently. 

maintenance reminders

Customers can expect to receive a Maintenance Reminder letter approximately one year after their tune-up in order to stay on a regular schedule of annual maintenance.  Air conditioning system tune-ups can be scheduled by existing Weaver Energy customers who reside within Lancaster County, by calling the office during business hours at (717) 626-7169.  We look forward to serving you!

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