when is the best time to place an order?

our delivery guarantee

Weaver Energy promises to deliver heating oil and diesel fuel to our customers within a week of ordering.  We consistently do our best to meet your needs and will deliver as quickly as possible with all of our fuels, including gasoline and kerosene.  When possible, it is always best to place an order one week ahead of when a delivery is needed so that we can easily accommodate you without any risk of running out of fuel.   

a Weaver Energy fuel tanker truck in Lititz, Pennsylvania

automatic delivery

To eliminate any concerns about running out of heating oil throughout the year, we encourage you to utilize our Worry-Free Automatic Delivery program.  When enrolled in this program, we top off the oil tank systematically with the use of sophisticated software that takes into consideration the weather temperatures, the size of your home, and your personal consumption rate to give us the best indication as to when you will need a delivery.  You receive the best pricing at the time of delivery, and Weaver Energy will immediately fill the tank without a service charge if the tank ever runs out overnight or during a weekend. 

Contact us Monday – Friday at (717) 626-7169 for more information on our fuel delivery programs and services.

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