why drive a fuel delivery truck?

A famous “philosopher” once said:

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose!”

Dr. Seuss

Weaver Energy delivery truck

so, why would someone choose to steer a fuel truck with numerous potential hazards on the road?

It takes a tough team to meet the fuel delivery needs in America today and many quality men and women take on the task!  Fuels power America and trucks carrying this valuable cargo loom large on the roads.  With an increasingly distracted public we take every precaution possible to avoid any spill, accident, or mistake to eliminate the hazards. So how do the drivers at Weaver Energy do that?

safety strobe lights

Most people notice that we outfit our trucks with strobe lights to warn the public of our drivers’ intentions as they prepare to make deliveries from the street.  Because of limitations to accessibility, delivering heating oil to homes occasionally requires the truck to park on the street, which can create a possible disruption of normal traffic flow. With thousands of gallons of flammable fuel onboard, we want other drivers to notice any unusual moves the truck may make in preparation for delivering.  The flashing strobes add an extra layer of safety on the street.

paying attention

The driver must also possess extra alertness on the roadways as the liquid fuel sloshes back and forth inside the different compartments of the truck.  He must give specific attention to corners or quick stops so the fuel does not hit the insides of each compartment and push the truck out of its driving path.  To drive a fuel truck requires a special endorsement on a driver’s license verifying the driver has proficiency in handling liquid fuels.

HAZMAT endorsement

Fuel drivers must also pass a hazardous materials (HazMat) exam every 4 years to stay current with the regulations related to transporting flammables.  This routine keeps all parties involved in this industry refreshed on the specifics of labeling the product with placards on the side of the vehicle.  Drivers also learn what to do in an emergency, following detailed loading and unloading instructions, and other regulations regarding transporting fuel.

additional risks

Delivery drivers also need to be on guard for dogs that bite, slippery walkways, snow and ice in winter, and traffic that passes close to the truck and driver on the street.  Drivers wear high visibility jackets to draw attention when out on the street. 

enjoying the challenges

The bottom line is that HazMat drivers seem to enjoy the extra challenge that goes along with the daily workload. Pulling hoses over fences and around obstacles is a workout every day. As a driver, it is satisfying to meet customer needs and use good judgment and practices delivering a critical, yet potent product. Every day is different and the variety dispels boredom. Plus, Weaver Energy has the best looking, cleanest Peterbilt’s on the street!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not!”

Dr. Suess, from The Lorax

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