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what does an air cleaner do?

As advancements allow us to constantly increase efficiency in the heating and cooling of our homes, the practice of sealing up even the tiniest openings works wonders in keeping the comfortable temperatures on the inside.  Unfortunately, when trapping those temperatures inside, we can also be trapping all sorts of particles, pollutants, and contaminants inside as well, giving them no real way to exit our home, and allowing them to circulate within the air that we breathe.  One way to combat this effect is the installation and use of an “air purifier” or “air cleaner.”

what is the difference between a furnace and a boiler?

Many homeowners refer to their heating systems as “furnaces” and “boilers” interchangeably, however, both types of units have some major differences.

budgeting for heating oil

By gathering and analyzing information about total gallons used in past years, you can more easily predict how many gallons you will continue to use on an annual basis. 

what happens during a hot water heater tune-up?

Taking the proactive approach of keeping your hot water heater in optimal condition is a great practice that prolongs the life and efficiency of your unit and can prevent costly repairs in the future.

now hiring: full-time delivery driver

full-time position: Weaver Energy is hiring a Full-Time Tank Wagon Delivery Driver. Class A or B CDL required. The position serves Lancaster and surrounding counties. Top pay, health insurance, retirement, vacation, hourly rate with opportunity for overtime. Call (717) 626-7169 to speak to Dan, or email resume to: [email protected]

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