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We like to provide helpful information and exciting announcements for our customers and community by posting new entries on the Weaver Energy blog. It contains new information about our company and employees, photos and announcements of events within our community, and helpful advice and reminders on maintaining your home comfort systems and getting the most out of your home heating oil.

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recent blog posts

national truck driver appreciation week

While we specifically celebrated drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, please be certain that we appreciate them every single day.

preparing for winter with home heating oil

A neglected heating system will use more heating oil to produce the same amount of heat as one in good repair.  Have one of our technicians check the combustion efficiency of your system and perform a thorough cleaning to make sure that you are getting the full value of every dollar you spend on heating oil.

what drives petroleum product prices?

There are numerous factors that drive the petroleum prices daily, minute to minute and even every second. However, the basic driving factors are SUPPLY and DEMAND.

how to handle HOT summer days

By helping you to understand a little more about your home and your air conditioner, that you can enjoy the summer season a bit more.

why drive a fuel delivery truck?

As a driver, it is satisfying to meet customer needs and use good judgment and practices delivering a critical, yet potent product.

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